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Perpetuelle is definitely the breathtaking new Vacheron Constantin selection. Note fundamental essentials new models only Vacheron is also presenting 6 openworked models of? models already within the collectionthose aren't featured here. Also underneath the report on new models I've provided more detail around the 2014 theme for Vacheron Constantin:? Openworking (also known as Skeletonizing).
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Patrimony Tradionelle
14-Day Tourbillon
Tourbillon Openworked
Metiers d'Art
Mecanaques Ajourees
Metiers d'Art
Mecanaques Ajourees
?Metiers d'Art
Mecanaques Ajourees
?Metiers d'Art
Mecanaques Ajourees


Around the occasion from the SIHH 2014, the Manufacture is enriching its selection of openworked watches and showing its new women's and men's models, offering a masterful illustration showing its expertise. Uncover the 3 phases of openworking, as referred to by Vacheron Constantin.
The All-Important Initial Touch from the Watch manufacturing company

The development of an openworked watch starts having a extended thought on the movement that's to become openworked whenever possible in order to reveal its inner beauty. This calls upon the expertise of the best master-watchmakers in hollowing out because the fabric as you possibly can, while making certain the calibre remains perfectly functional. The conceptualisation, design and modelisation phases alone take hundreds of hrs, an amount that increases in line with the amount of sophistication from the calibre, particularly when it comes to complications.
Go into the Artists Chamfering and Hands-Drawing

The artists dominate in the the watchmaking industry and start a lengthy duration of patient, accurate and carefully disciplined endeavours. The mainplate, bridges, barrel along with other mechanical parts which have been formerly drilled and eliminate occupy their nimble fingers for a large number of hrs. Working manually with every component consequently, the artists create subtle contrasts between your finished polish from the chamfering which will catch the sunshine, and also the matt aftereffect of the hands-drawing which will accentuate the radiance. Although this is by itself a demanding task, it's made much more complex through the curved openings and interior angles - some narrower than 45?? - preferred by Vacheron Constantin in the openworked watches, and which no machine could possible reproduce.
Hands Engraving – Exalting the ultimate Result

The chamfering and hands-drawing are then the engraving itself. For approximately one weeks time for every calibre, the engraver incises and sculpts the fabric with meticulous strokes from the burin to be able to produce the original motifs imagined by Vacheron Constantin, providing them with their wonderfully rounded relief. Each gesture is extremely accurate - in some instances towards the nearest tenth of the millimetre - and also the aesthetic sensitivity from the artist-watch manufacturing company is carefully attuned to instilling each component with unique character.